2017 summer study in CQuIC

Here in CQuIC, we are organizing some topic summer self-studies. This includes a 3-session IT workshop organized by students Travis Scholten, Jonathan Gross, Anupam Mitra and me to share some scientific programming skills to CQuIC students. The second main focus of our summer study is led by Prof. Ivan Deutsch on quantum chaos, randomness and scrambling which will be going on Wednesday afternoons until mid August from 4pm to 5pm, Mountain time. Students and professors, as volunteers, will be picking up topics to chair those sessions.

We hope to end the IT workshop with followup projects that participants would like to use all the skills learned during the workshop and the CQuIC@Github repositories to finish some programming tasks related to their researches. Travis, Jonathan, Anupam and I will be helping around and do the code review for the followup project. If you would like to participate, we may be able to let you in as well.

For the rest of the summer study, we used to add people from outside of CQuIC via telecom, but this time it seems our telecom has been fully booked by Arizona collaborators. But I am happy to discuss questions related to those topics, personally.

Detailed schedule:

  1. Scientific programming workshop–all material can be found on CQuIC@Github website
  • May 19: Visualization, shell and automation
  • May 29: Git, symbolic calculation and parallelization (part I)
  • June 1: Parallelization (part II), git remote and collaborations (materials will be available on this website), wrap up for followup projects
  1. Self-study on quantum chaos, randomness and scrambling
  • May 30: Symmetries of level statistics — Haake Chaps 2-3 (every should read Chap. 1 to get some background from back in the day)
  • June 7: DAMOP (no presentation, but perhaps continuation of Haake Chap 3 is necessary)
  • June 14: Random matrices and chaos — Haake Chap 4.1-4,4, 4.7, 4.9, Supplemented by Edelman “Random matrix theory” Sec. 4 and Izeman “Introduction to Random-Matrix Theory pages 1-6.
  • June 21: Random matrices and chaos — continuation
  • June 28: Intro to scrambling and out-of-time-order correlators (black holes?)
  • July 5: Scrambling in quantum phase space — Cotler et al. “Out-of-time-order Operators and the Butterfly Effect”
  • July 12: Measuring the scrambling of quantum information - Swingle paper.
  • July 19 and 26: ID on travel (you can decide to proceed without me)
  • Aug. 2 Chaos as pseudo-randomness — Roberts and Yoshida “Chaos and complexity by design”
  • Aug. 9 Chaos as pseudo-randomness continued
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