Talk at SYSU

Title: Towards Practical Quantum Information Processing: Atom-Nanophotonic Interfaces and HiQ Software Platform

  • 时间: 2018-12-28 下午

  • 地点: 中山大学珠海分校物理与天文系

  • Abstract: Strong coupling between atoms and light is critical for quantum information processing and precise sensing. A nanophotonic waveguide is a promising platform for realizing an atom-light interface that reaches the strong coupling regime. We study the dispersive response theory of the nanowaveguide system as the means to create an entangling atom-light interface, with applications to quantum non-demolition (QND) measurement, spin squeezing and quantum computing. We propose an enhanced QND measurement and spin squeezing protocol based on the Faraday effect, which is modeled using first-principles stochastic master equations and Green’s function method. We simulate the metrological squeezing effect for a nanofiber and a square waveguide. Counterintuitively, by placing the atoms at an azimuthal position where the guided probe mode has the lowest intensity, we increase the cooperativity while minimize decoherence. We find 6.3 dB and 13 dB of peak squeezing for the nanofiber and the square waveguide, respectively, with 2500 atoms.

    We generalize the Green’s function method to solve the many-body interaction problem due to photon scattering on an optical lattice. We propose a scalable quantum random walker with an atom-nanowaveguide interface. We show that this platform can be used to study Boson sampling problems and to demonstrate advantages of quantum computing with scalable optimal control technique.

    Last but not least, I will briefly introduce the HUAWEI HiQ quantum computing software and cloud service, which provide the largest quantum circuit simulators available on public clouds to-date and a full-stack classical-quantum programming framework. Huawei will continue to work with partners and is open to researchers in the field to boost the fundamental research and engineering towards practical quantum information processing.



  • 12月27日:到达珠海对中山大学物理和天文系进行学术访问。主要跟罗乐老师、李朝红老师交流。
  • 28日:跟周晓祺老师等相关人员讨论,下午学术报告。
  • 29日:前往深圳。
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